Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Amelia began playing horn at the age of 12. She responded immediately to its rich, deep colour and compositional flexibility.

She has trained with provincial and international music ensembles, as well as completing her Bachelor of Music at Mount Allison University, NB.  Amelia currently works as a freelance orchestral and chamber musician in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 she received an artist diploma from The Royal Conservatory of Music’s prestigious Glenn Gould School.

Amelia has co-founded two ensembles, the Vox Aeris brass trio, and the Damask Trio, composed of horn, violin and piano.

In its infancy (2018), Damask Trio was granted a recording and research residency at the Canadian Music Centre, and will be touring Alberta, Canada in Fall of 2021.

Vox Aeris Trio (trombone, trumpet, horn), premiered the Toronto launch of the online house-concert platform Groupmuse in 2017. That same year, the group began a four-month run at the Art Gallery of Ontario with Room for Mystics, a multi-sensory art installation by Canadian artist Sandra Meigs ran October 2017 through January 2018. In the following years Vox Aeris has completed Atlantic outreach & education tours at the invitation of Memorial University, Mount Allison University, and the Scotia Festival of Music.

Whether touring, freelancing or teaching, Amelia supports growing musical communities through local outreach activities, live performances and audience engagement.

Performance experience includes:

Damask Trio  |  Vox Aeris Trio

Kingston Symphony Orchestra  |  Royal Conservatory Orchestra  |  Canadian Sinfonietta  | Guelph Symphony Orchestra  |  Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Orchestra

New Brunswick Symphony  |  Prince Edward Island Symphony  | Scotia Festival Symphony Orchestra  |  The Orchestra of the Americas

Sneak Peek Orchestra |  Opera Bel Canto  |  Pax Christi Choir  | Orpheus Choir Toronto